101 : Writing My First Article As A Lazy Ass Person

I’ve really want to publish my first article for a while, but it’s kinda a bit hard for me to move my lazy ass to start writing not to mention I need to search for ideas about what to write.

One night, when I was closing my eyes and trying to sleep, my brain got very busy by itself and trains of thought burst into my mind and voila, I got myself a sudden strike of this idea for my first article: “Tips on writing your first articles.”

Tips 1: Strike While The Iron is Hot

I get it, sometimes it’s really hard to start typing. For me myself, I got this idea for about more than a month already and I draft this article only in my head without writing anything down.

At first, I’m really motivated to write it down as soon as possible, but since that I only draft it whenever I’m going to bed, the motivation goes down the drain in the morning and I procrastinate it for more than a month now.

Today, somehow I got a really good motivation again, so I’m going to type it down fast.

Tips 2: Just Write Anything First and Don’t Stop

Don’t get distracted and if it’s possible write it down in one sitting because it’s really hard to collect the motivation once again.

Somehow, after typing the title. My fingers just move by itself and writing everything down what’s coming to my mind and I fully know that if I stop now, only God knows when I will finish it. So, I’ll finish it in one sitting.

It’s a good tips for a professional procrastinator as myself.

Tips 3: Don’t Be Afraid, Publish It

As a beginner myself in writing articles, I got really afraid in publishing my articles and voicing out my ideas. As you can see, Medium is full of a very high quality articles written by professionals and it really overwhelms me and it makes me questioned myself, “Is it okay for me to publish this badly written shallow ideas articles to Medium?”

However, I realize that nothing is coming out perfect especially for the first time. So, I decided just to publish my idea and getting feedback out of it in order to polish my next articles and hopefully, one day I can write a good article which helps the Medium community.

Also, get rid of that impostor syndrome. Once again, Medium is full of articles and I believe that I’m not the first one who come out with this idea. Nonetheless, I decide just to write it down even though maybe for some people my articles can be categorized as a very common knowledge, but just realize this, a common knowledge is not a common practice. How many of us first-timers manage to publish articles even though we know about these tips?

Another tips is writing the idea down as a personal experience point of view. The truth is, I’m also afraid to publish a professionally written “Guidance Articles”. So I write it down as what I personally experienced during the process of writing this article, so when a reader gives a feedback or critics, I can relate to it quickly and efficiently as I personally involved in it.

Tips 4: Be Open Minded

After publishing the articles, of course there will be comments and feedbacks from our dear readers. Be open minded for their critics and feedbacks because once again, this is our first article and hopefully not our last. So, don’t get disheartened and get this chance to improve the writing skills.

And I guess, that’s it. So, what are you waiting for? Hopefully this article can help and motivate every professional procrastinator like myself out there to start writing down what you got in your mind. Even I can publish one, why can’t you?

Feel free to leave me feedbacks and critics if you got one, as it can helps my also for my improvement.

Thank you very much for reading this.

Yuvens Putra Barata, signing off.

A Professional Procrastinator which aspires to be better.